Services and Payment


At Back in Action Chiropractic we provide a host of services tailored to your specific condition and needs. In addition to examinations and adjustments, we provide the following services:

  • Nervous system assessments
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Rehabilitative exercise
  • Functional movement
  • Pain management
  • Nutritional consultation and supplementation
  • Return to play assessments
  • Sports physicals
  • Kinesiology taping
  • In-home care (For established clients with a treatment plan)
  • Emergency house calls


We believe in the value of wellness care for you and your family and have maintained a pricing structure that allows care for all. At Back in Action Chiropractic, we operate a cash based practice and we want to keep chiropractic care affordable for everyone.

At time of service we accept cash, check or credit card  for your treatment. We will provide the forms you need to mail in your own claim, so you may receive reimbursement from your insurance company for covered charges. We donʼt bill insurance directly and because we operate an electronic office we can email you all the necessary documents. Of course, if you prefer to receive a paper copy, one will be mailed to you at no extra charge.

To learn more about pricing please call us directly at 802.274.2302.

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